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What does CleanEarth Ventures Canada (CEVC) provide as a service and what symbol expresses this service provided?  This question has been turning around in my brain since I worked on the CEVC Website

Unlike any other logo project I have had the opportunity of working on, this one started off with quite an interesting spin.  The owners of CEVC have an old school graphic designer friend that still does all his work with a real life pen and sketch pad! He drew out several logo designs for CEVC before I was brought on board to help the members of CEVC decide on the best logo design we could electronically create from the drawings.  Once that brainstorming session was complete we ended up liking several aspects of one logo drawing and a couple aspects of another one.  Thus, I was the one that got to figure out a way to scan in both of these hand drawn designs and to make a fully vectored logo with all the favorite aspects!

All in all, I would love to do more work with this old school graphic designer. It was totally cool to look over logo sketches on paper instead of on a computer screen.  Sometimes old school is still the coolest school!

And that’s all folks, at least until the next post!

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